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Lime: the miraculous fruit

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A natural combina- tion of sweet, juicy and sour sweet lime is a strange sum- mer fruit that can fresh you instantly. You can enjoy its pulpy flesh by slowly chew- ing it or you can drink a glass full of its yellowish green juice. It is low calorie and low fat diet with strange and countless benefits. It is truly the precious fruit or you can say the fruit of heaven. It is cure of about all diseases in present season. Let us take glimpse of its some benefits: Prevents and treats…Read More

Rosemary – miraculous herb of the world

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article image ROSEMARY GROWS on a small evergreen shrub belonging to the Labiatae family that is related to mint. Its Latin name, Rosmarinus officinalis, means dew of the sea’ and rosemary is most closely associated with the cooking and treatments of different diseases. Its leaves look like flat pine-tree needles, deep green in color on top while silver-white on their underside. Rosemary is one of those wonderful herbs that make a beautiful ornamental plant as well as a welcome culinary seasoning…Read More