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Karachiites Attest K-2 & K-3, Rebuffing nightmare speculations

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article image Staff Report KHI: Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) was besieged by colossal support from people of Karachi on setting up of two nuclear power plants K-2, K-3 near KANUPP (K-I). .The development on K-2, K-3 was delayed after some antagonistic activists and representatives from NGOs had filed petition in Sindh High Court and obtained stay order that longed for a span of 6 months due to which hefty financial loss amounting Rs.600 million per day was inflicted to national exchequer…Read More

Theileriosis: A summer nightmare for livestock

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article image God has blessed Pakistan with a large population of domestic animals which plays a key role to fulfill the ever-augmenting demand of animal protein and milk production. On the other hand, their roles in draft power for agriculture in the country cannot be ignored. The parasitic problem is a serious constraint for the livestock population in most of the developing and under-developed countries of the world because it causes serious economic impact on the livestock and dairy industry…Read More