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Agricultural pollution: Is nitrogen taking place of Carbon?

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article image Nitrogen is a major constituent about 78% of the composite of all atmospheric gases. This inert nitrogen is biologically unavailable to most of the organisms. Therefore, application of reactive nitrogen is usual practice in agricultural systems for food and energy production. Despite the enormous benefits, this anthprogenic activity leads to various consequences. Most of the agricultural emissions comprise of particulate matters, odor, eutrophication, acidification and exposure to toxins…Read More

Maximising nitrogen use efficiency in field crops

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article image At a world scale, human activity has increased the flux of nitrogen (N) two times, particularly executed by large scale fertilizer manufacturing in the world. The total N applied to agricultural crop land all over the world only 5-15 per cent is eventually converted into human food. In field crops nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) range between 35-65 per cent. We should have to select the fertilizer depends on unit cost of nutrient present in it and its agronomic efficiency under a given…Read More

Nitrogen-based fertilizers a threat to environment

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article image Wheat, rice and corn are among staple food crops of Pakistan, producing 24 million tons (MT) of wheat, 5.54 MT of rice and 3 MT of corn in 2013. The production of these crops was observed to be less than half in 1990s. The significant increase in crop yield compared to last two decades is due to the intensive use of inorganic fertilizers and other improved management practices. Wheat, rice and corn, which feed the major population of the world, are nitrogen-hungry crops. These crops…Read More