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CHASHNUPP expansion: 340MW nuclear energy added

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article image STEPPING TOWARDS ending electricity load shedding another 340 MW nuclear energy is added in energy mix. 5th nuclear power plant, CHASHNUPP-IV (C-4), at Chashma holding capacity to generate 340 megawatts of electricity inaugurated by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. Addressing the inauguration ceremony PM Abbasi express gratitude to China for technical and financial assistance to Pakistan […]…Read More

Another 340MW nuclear power added in energy mix

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Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, PM inaugurated the 5th nuclear power plant, C-4, at Chashma holding capacity to generate 340 megawatts of electricity. PM Abbasi express gratitude to China for technical and financial assistance to Pakistan and establishing the C-4 power plant, and two countries will collaborate in the energy sector among others as well while addressing […]…Read More

North Korea has better nuclear technology: Dr. Qadeer

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Nuclear technology of North Korea is much better than that of Pakistan, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, nuclear scientist said, but exclude any help from Islamabad to Pyongyang in this respect. Mr. Khan asserted that North Korea was self-contained in the nuclear technology due to its highly qualified scientists, in a telephonic interview to BBC Urdu. […]…Read More

Chashma 4 nuclear power plant in action with grid

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The National Grid is linked to Chashma 4 nuclear power plant of Pakistan. The fifth power reactor for which Chinese-supplied pressurized water reactor (PWR) is expected to be operational soon To mark the connection to grid a ceremony was held by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). Attendees were representatives from CNNC and the Pakistan Atomic […]…Read More

Pakistan assures nuclear assets safety

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: being a responsible nuclear state, Pakistan has evolved effective nuclear security architecture over the years and has developed substantial capacity for nuclear security training. Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres regularly contribute to the global efforts for enhancing nuclear security capacity building.This was the crux of the annual meeting of the International Network for NSSC recently organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad in…Read More

Nuclear power generation viable solution energy problems: Experts

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: As the outer world is fast getting nuclear power energy to meet their domestic energy requirements, the energy-starved Pakistan needs to explore all available options particularly establishment of more nuclear power plants to have self-sufficiency in the electricity generation sector in order to get out of the grave energy shortfall, which is hampering the national growth. Since the country is confronted with multiple crisis particularly steep water shortage in…Read More

No danger of nuclear leaks from K2, K3

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article image ALI RAZA KHI: The nuclear plants planned to be built near Karachi are according to the latest designs, with radiation control devices installed and that there would be no danger of nuclear leaks from the plants. Dr. Ansar Parvez, former chairperson Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and advisor to the National Command Authority and PAEC, said this during a detailed presentation on the K2 and K3 nuclear power plants that are going to be built with the assistance of China. The…Read More

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K-2 Nuclear Power Plant inaugurated

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: The energy sector of Pakistan needs sincere efforts from public and private sector in order to free country from the shortfall menace. Alternate energy can be a great antidote’ to quash this challenge. Karachi Nuclear Power Plants (Kanupp) K2 is being constructed which will add about 1100MW to the national grid. The inauguration ceremony of K2 power plant took place recently. Prime Minster of Pakistan, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif unveiled the inauguration plaque this week…Read More