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Speakers debate environmental fallout of nuke power plants

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: Many Americans die choking on meat but that doesn’t mean they stop eating steaks, said the former chairperson of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and adviser to the National Command Authority, Dr. Ansar Parvez, while downplaying the risks of nuclear power plants. Speaking at a seminar, titled Environmental Fallout: Nuclear Power Plants in Pakistan’ at Habib University, Dr. Parvez said that one has to consider all available options to produce energy. It is…Read More

EU team arrives to assess Pak nuke research capacity

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STAFF REPORT IBD: As Pakistan is making efforts to become an associate member of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), a high-powered 4-member technical team of CERN has arrived in Pakistan to evaluate the capability of the country. Pakistan is going to become associate member of CERN. India is not part of CERN and Pakistan is making efforts to join fold of this research institution in the nuclear field. The team, led by Dr. Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research…Read More

Symposium projects peaceful applications of nuke radiation

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The NUST Science Society has recently organized the "National Symposium on Peaceful Applications of Radiation" that exhibited the latest approaches in areas of agriculture, biotechnology, medical science, nuclear energy and radiation safety. Objective of the event was to bring to limelight the positive and irrefutable applications of nuclear radiation to ameliorate the human life.The chief guest Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan, Executive Director Soprest and former member (…Read More