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Exotic oilseed crops are need of the time

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article image PAKISTAN IS chronically deficient in edible oil production and domestic production is not enough to meet the requirements for increasing population. From last couple of decades, uncertainty in the production of domestic edible oil has been increased due to certain reasons like native marketing conditions, competition with major cash crops, low price of the produce and increasing cost of inputs resulting in less profitable farming. These uncertainties also confine the production and are…Read More

Need to promote oilseed-rape (canola) cultivation

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article image PRICEY and scarce crop inputs such as pesticides, quality seed, fertilizers and competitive price advantage of rice, sugarcane, and corn over cotton are some grounds for decreasing in the area under cotton cultivation in the country, a leading edible oil producing crop in the country. The public and private sectors have made efforts to enhance the better returns to the cotton growers but despite of any success, area under cotton cultivation has squeezed from 3056 thousand hectares to…Read More