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Pakistan Academy of Sciences Hosts “International Science Forum of National Scientific Organizations on the Belt and Road Initiative

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A successful international forum was held in Beijing , to share development of belt and road. In Beijing declaration, “it was agreed to establish a long term effective international mechanism to coordinate and support Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) cooperation and exchange activities for the benefits and shared development of the Belt and Road regions. […]…Read More

Heads announced for various Science Organizations

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After the long wait, Government of Pakistan has finally announced the new heads for six Science organizations of Pakistan. Following is the list of the new Chairpersons: 1. Dr Muhammad Ashraf (PCRWR) 2. Prof Muhammad Ashraf (PSF) 3. Brig. Basharat Mehmood (NIE) 4. Dr. Suhail Zaki Farooqi (PCRET) 5. Ms. Ismat Gul Khattak (PAEC) 6. Dr. Asim Inam (NIO) It is expected for the announced people to help Pakistan advance in the field of Science and Technology and help…Read More