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An overview of ICT Achievements of 2017 in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s Telecom infrastructure is flourishing with foreign and domestic investments into fixed-line and mobile networks. Growing field technology in Pakistan has played a significant role in the developing the economy. For technology and telecom sector Year 2017 went best. This year growth has been observed in this year. The revenues generated from telecom sector showed […]…Read More

Clostridium perfringens – An Overview

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article image Clostridium perfringens is an anaerobic, Gram positive, spore forming, non-motile and rod shaped organism belong to genus Clostridium. Previously, this organism was known as Clostridium welchii or Bacillus welchii. C. perfringens has cosmopolitan nature and found everywhere in soil and water etc. C. perfringens is also normal inhabitant of gastrointestinal tract in humans and animals […]…Read More

Overview on earth and role of Geologist for the service of mankind

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article image The study of earth, water, air and the processes that influence them is called earth science. The 4.6 billion years earth’s history is depicted in the Geologic Time Scale. The earth is composed of different dynamic tectonic plates leading to a theory of Plate Tectonics. The earth is composed of three major layers which include […]…Read More

Overview of ISPs connectivity and services

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article image OBVIOUSLY, it’s not amusing to walk the Pakistan’s minefield of often confusing broadband ISP choices, where usually internet speeds vary due to a multitude of often opaque factors and service quality repeatedly fails to go with expectations. Therefore, choosing the right broadband ISP for you can sometimes seem a bit like swimming with sharks where you’re never pretty certain which one will end up biting you first. The qualities of customer support and internet speeds…Read More

A brief overview of NCEAC

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article image By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal BhangerTHE NATIONAL Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry is one of the leading research centres in Pakistan offering a substantial study programme with focus on Analytical, Environmental and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Our students are learning all the fundamentals and advances of modern analytical methods. The curriculum offered at NCEAC makes study this subject for sure quite attractive and will pave the way to a professional carrier of our graduates.Our…Read More

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