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Intel perspectives-competing ahead of the exascale pack

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article image IT’S NO surprise that governments across the globe - including China, Japan, the US, and Europe’s biggest players - are in a race to develop exascale systems. Being able to house the most powerful supercomputers will enable public or large private organisations make them the first port of call when looking to address current and future computing needs. It will create not only significant revenue and employment opportunities, but also the chance to become the global hub of IT…Read More

Supernet-a secure pack of connectivity solutions

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SUPERNET, THE leading corporate data network, has more than 17 years of operational experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver high speed, reliable and secure data connectivity solutions to corporate and enterprise segments. Supernet is a wholly owned subsidiary of TeleCard Limited, a complete communication solution provider in Pakistan, which offers comprehensive voice and data solutions in the country.Supernet business connectivity services include Satellite and Fiber Optic…Read More

Ill-intention behind BtCotton seed pack-up

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THE DEBATE on introducing Bt Cotton in Pakistan had engaged all the stakeholders in arguments and counter-arguments for the last couple of years. Though the government a couple of months back had decided not to go for commercial use of this seed due to the various negative factors attached with this crop variety, there are certain groups still pleading for adopting this seed or have been involved in plaguing the situation for the farming community. Following the introduction of Bt Cotton seed in…Read More

E-waste-a pack of human diseases

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article image THE TERM E-waste’ is not new but it is still not common. Commoners are unaware to this term. E-waste is the waste regarding all electrical and electronic equipments that include computers, mobiles, television sets, refrigerators, ovens, toasters and home entertainment like electric games, stereo system, toys etc.The reason behind the increase E-waste is the rapid development and number of electronic equipments. Modern technology is coming day by day. In this way people try to have modern and…Read More

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