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WWF nature carnival held at PAF museum

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STAFF REPORTER KHI: WWF-Pakistan in collaboration with Horlicks Pakistan has organised a fun-filled Nature Carnival at PAF Museum, which attracted up to 30,000 individuals from various walks of life. There were over 150 stalls set up by schools, colleges and universities. The main competition revolved around 3D models set up by students of schools and universities. Expert judges including foresters, conservationists, and environmental historians amongst others graded the models. …Read More

PAF plans making Android

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article image STAFF REPORT KAMRA: Inside a high-security air force complex that builds jet fighters and weapons systems, Kamra, Pakistan’s military is working on the latest addition to its sprawling commercial empire, a homegrown version of the iPad at PAC (Pakistan Aeronautical Complex).It is a venture that bundles together Pakistani engineering and Chinese hardware, and shines a light on the military’s foothold in the consumer market."The original is the iPad, the copy is the PACPAD," said…Read More