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Facebook Made Solutions If Password Gets Stolen

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article image Facebook has introduced a way that if someone steals your password, it will restrict that stolen password and will aware you by notifying that your password is owned by hackers. Facebook is working on this new system after the massive hack of "Adobe Passwords" that password hacking can cause serious significances in the form of personal data theft, now onward Facebook is working on to minimize such happenings and build such system which is exclusively devoted to protect people…Read More

The importance of strong password on Social Media

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article image ON APRIL 23, 2013 the Twitter account of the Associated Press news agency was hacked and sent out a hoax tweet reporting that President Barack Obama had been injured by an explosion in the White House. Within seconds, Wall Street was in panic mode and US stock plunged.Situations like this illustrate once again the dangers of using weak passwords not only for home users but in corporate environments as well. Today, social networking sites are very often the first point of contact between users…Read More