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Facebook content restrictions increased to 600 percent for Pakistan

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Government has tightened its control over Facebook usage in the middle of a crackdown against online blasphemy after 600 percent hike in successful requests for content restrictions this year. The social media giants have officially confirmed the released information. According to the report of this month, there is increased cooperation for censoring blasphemous content between […]…Read More

Floods cost US$2.7 billion losses equivalent to 1 percent of GDP

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PAKISTAN HAS varied geography with northern alpines covered with glaciers and southern plains bordering to the Arabian Sea, along with rivers flowing through the country from north to south. During monsoon season riverine flooding is usual in the low-lying areas along the rivers while flash flooding is also experienced in hilly and partial hilly areas […]…Read More

Food insecurity threatened 39 percent of mountain population

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International Mountains Day marked across the world, including Pakistan on 11th December to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life. The day highlighted the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and to build agreements for bringing positive change to mountain people’s and environments. International Mountain Day 2017 gave a platform that highlighted the […]…Read More