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Pest control labs can fight insect-borne diseases

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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has opened nuclear pest control labs to fight disease spreading insect and pests and damage crop. Sterile Insect Technique (SIT), a nuclear technique of insect birth control using radiation to sterilize male insects, nurtured in bulky numbers and released in a target area for mating with wild females. This SIT […]…Read More

FRUIT FLY- A Serious Insect Pest of Horticultural Crops in Pakistan.

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article image Fruit fly is a serious pest of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan. It causes intensive fruit losses from 50 to 90%. Mango, guava, citrus, melon, and cucurbits are seriously affected. The quality of fruits, financial losses, health problems and quarantine risk is caused by its attack. Prominent species found in Pakistan are Bactrocera zonata, B. […]…Read More

Biopesticides: key component in integrated pest management

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article image AGRICULTURE IS facing destructive activities of pests and weeds resulting in dramatic loss of productivity. Advancement in fertilizer and pesticides resolved these crises to great extent. But the overuse of these substances sometime leads to serious threats for soil environment and crops and damaging microbial population in soil and also resistance is produced in pests against these pesticides. Moreover the persistent time of residues of these pesticides is very high. The gradual reduction in…Read More

IPM-a promise to pest control and environment safety

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article image Agriculture, being dominant sector of economy, contributes 22% in to the Gross Domestic product (GDP) and engages 44% of employed labour force. No doubt all roads to the nation’s socio-economic progress and prosperity lead through a modernizing agriculture. Instead of its undeniable significanceunfortunately, Pakistan has made no significant development in this field, due to economic and some policy constraints. As for as plant protection measurements are concerned, Integrated Pest…Read More

Allelopathy for the pest management

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article image Allelopathy is basically defined as the influence or the impact of a plant on the growth of the other plant and microorganisms by releasing certain chemical compound. The allele chemicals could have a promontory as well as inhibitory effect depending upon their concentration. These allele chemicals are usually the byproducts of the plant metabolic processes and can be produced by leaves stems and roots. They can be released in the environment as root exudates, decomposition or by…Read More