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Artificial photosynthesis for conversion of CO2 into fuel

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article image Majority of the world energy needs are supplied through petrochemical sources. However, the extensive utilization of these fossil fuels has resulted in pollution problems. Moreover, the natural reserves of these fossil fuels are depleting rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to search for some renewable energy resources to replace fossil fuels. Now the question is that how can we replace these fossil fuels with alternative and sustainable resources of cheap fuels? What are the…Read More

Steady work on for artificial photosynthesis

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Scientists at the Helmholtz Center for Materials and Energy (HZB) in Germany have precisely characterized a manganese catalyst’s electronic states. The catalyst is capable of converting light to chemical energy.Through their work, Prof. Emad Aziz, head of the HZB Institute "Methods for Material Development," Prof. Leone Spiccia from Monash University, and their teams have taken an important leap forward in understanding photosynthesis - the method green plants…Read More

Artificial photosynthesis

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article image THE ROOTS of human evolution are closely linked with plant existence. The most important chemical process running in biological regimes is photosynthesis. The significance of this process can be assessed by the fact that biggest machinery providing food and oxygen to the world is dependent on this particular phenomenon. Each year green plants use to produce about one thousand billion metric tons of organic matter and over 700 billion metric tons of oxygen by using carbon dioxide. That organic…Read More