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Agricultural pollution: Is nitrogen taking place of Carbon?

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article image Nitrogen is a major constituent about 78% of the composite of all atmospheric gases. This inert nitrogen is biologically unavailable to most of the organisms. Therefore, application of reactive nitrogen is usual practice in agricultural systems for food and energy production. Despite the enormous benefits, this anthprogenic activity leads to various consequences. Most of the agricultural emissions comprise of particulate matters, odor, eutrophication, acidification and exposure to toxins…Read More

The inauguration of 2nd phase of 1320 MW Sahiwal Coal Power Project takes place

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article image STAFF REPORT SAHIWAL: Pakistan massive 3.3 billion tonnes of coal deposits are still not utilized up to the potential and only 3.4 million tonnes per year are used for energy production. The Sahiwal Coal Power Project by Government of Punjab is the continuity of enhancing coal power production in the country in order to reduce the energy crisis in Pakistan. The second phase of the Sahiwal Power Project 1320MW inauguration took place. The Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated…Read More

Pakistan needs to put in place agency to check hacking

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan does not have an official computer emergency readiness team (CERT) to combat cyber threats and vulnerabilities and this gap is filled by semi-official and privately-run initiatives. One such effort is a CERT team PISA-CERT’, which has recently successfully thwarted a mock cyber attack at the Pakistan Research Centre for Cyber Security while participating in a region-wide annual drill conducted by the Asia Pacific CERT (APCERT). The Japan-based APCERT…Read More