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Canada offering relaxation in visa policy for Pakistani tech startups

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Canadian government is open to provide a 52-week work permit or a permanent resident to Pakistani tech startups for better connectivity and penetration in the international market. Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs will have tickets to the Toronto-Waterloo region, also known as the Silicon Valley North. The Silicon Valley is home to many tech startups and […]…Read More

Pakistan needs uniform policy on food safety

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Pakistan should think of a uniform policy on food safety, focused on the members of a course on “Food safety and harmonization”. The delegates from Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Institute of Health featured that having different standards in each region made issues for the business and hindrances in reasonable industry improvement. […]…Read More

Policy practitioners urge original thinking for research relevance

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PR: Senior policy practitioners have urged emerging researchers to adopt indigenous contexts and approaches while conducting their studies if they are to address the society’s real problems and needs. They were speaking at a meeting of young MPhil and PhD scholars titled “Brainstorming Research Ideas”, which was organized by IPS LEAD – the learning, excellence […]…Read More

Food security policy ready for legislation

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Food Security Policy from the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) is ready with its first draft for consultation with provincial partners and Cabinet for discussion. Dr. Yusuf Zafar Chairman PARC said during 8th Meeting of Inter Provincial Research Coordination Committee (IPARCC) occurred at PARC Headquarters in Islamabad. Dr. Yusuf Zafar explained the members of meeting […]…Read More

Recommendations for Pakistans National Water Policy Framework: HF

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article image C2 LUMS: The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) today hosted a panel discussion for the launch of Hisaar Foundation’s Report Recommendations for Pakistan’s National Water Policy Framework’ for the consideration of the government. The event was a culmination of two years of consultations, including discussion sessions with various water stakeholders across the spectrum, as well as two international water conferences that focused on water cooperation and water security.…Read More

PITB discusses different issues for the Punjab ICT Policy

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article image LAHORE: TechHub Connect, a project by the Entrepreneurial Wing of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), has jointly held a focus group discussion with collaboration of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to discuss the challenges faced by incubators and accelerators in Pakistan. TechHub Connect has been entrusted to draft the ICT policy for Punjab. The discussion was on the topic of "Incubation and Accelerator Programs in Pakistan: Challenges and Policy Preferences."…Read More

Scientization of democracy -the science & policy nexus

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article image "Unless scientists and policymakers learn to work together effectively, both domains will suffer." - Lewis M. Branscomb What role does science play in the government? What is the role of science in relation to policymaking? Democratic societies make policies and decisions based on various inputs, including, economic considerations, societal standards, general public views, and the principles and vision of the government of the day. As we enter the 21st century, policy…Read More

HEC concerned by varsities violating plagiarism policy

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has expressed concern at universities not following the commission’s plagiarism policy by not taking action on plagiarism complaints against their faculty. HEC’s Plagiarism Standing Committee has recently met in Islamabad to discuss plagiarism complaints against faculty members of 10 universities. HEC Executive Director Dr Arshad Ali chaired the meeting. HEC quality assurance consultant Muhammad Ismail "shared concerns…Read More