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Climate change to disrupt poor agricultural communities: experts

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Climate change is threatening the food security of Pakistan indirectly by affecting the agriculture output environmentalists said. Experts have also said that climate change will disrupt the poor agricultural communities. “Awareness about the effects of climate change are extremely important for the farming community of Pakistan”, said Muhammad Saleem Shaikh Deputy Director Ministry of Climate […]…Read More

Poor Quality of Drinking water, an alarming threat: Present Challenges and Future Perspectives

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Water, water, water, this is the most horrible cry of the present era. Day by day increase in environmental temperature has rung the ever day increasing demand for drinking water. However, our so called modernization such as urbanization, sky touching industries and the most important, rapid population growth has consigned gigantic stress on fresh water […]…Read More

Sanitation conditions highly poor in Pakistan

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Sanitation and hygiene situation in Pakistan remains at a crisis point as just 48 per cent of the population has access to improved sanitation and more than 40 million people continue to defecate in the open. Only 24 per cent households in the country have access to underground and covered drains, 42 per cent have access to open drains and 33 per cent live with no system. These statistics were revealed during a recently held 2nd Pakistan Conference on Sanitation (…Read More

Cellular phone services poor on poll day

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Cellular phone operators remained failed to provide timely information to voters on the dedicated SMS service "8300" through their networks due to heavy traffic of inquiries by the subscribers for polling.A number of mobile phone customers complained that they were unable to get response against the SMS sent to code number of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) facing difficulties to search their polling booth through technology.Earlier, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Secretary ECP…Read More

Ber – a poor mans fruit

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article image FRUITS CONSTITUTE a commercially important and nutritionally indispensable food commodity. Being part of a balanced diet, fruits play a vital role in human nutrition by supplying the necessary growth-regulating factors essential for maintaining normal health. Currently, the spring season is running at peak and everybody is liable to spot roadside vendors selling a green and yellow berry-like fruit, popular among both young and old that fruit is called as Ber. Ber (Ziziphus mauritiana…Read More

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Pakistans energy and gas crisis due to poor governance

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article image DEVELOPING NATIONS do con¬front energy crisis due to high demand on the back of rapid industrialization, growing commercial activities and domestic consumption, hiked by the expanding middle class, which demands a better life. Often, the energy demands out paces its supply in economies, which strive for rapid industrial and economic growth. China understood this in the very beginning that it needs sufficient energy supply to become a global business leader, the Chinese immediately went for…Read More

Poor water, sanitation cost Pakistan Rs 343b annually

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Contaminated drinking water and insufficient sanitation facilities cost the national kitty Rs 343 billion annually in Pakistan in terms of ailment and environmental degradation, experts at a donors debriefing session recently organized by the Ministry of Climate Change revealed.They said that the financial losses related to poor water quality and insufficient sanitation that stood at Rs 112 in 2006 had increased to Rs 343 billion annually making four per cent of the GDP.In his…Read More

Poor Pak nation dupe of global warming, air pollution

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article image By Naseem SheikhSOOT FROM diesel exhausts and the burning of wood, agricultural waste and dung for heating and cooking causes an estimated two million premature deaths a year, particularly in the poorest countries. Scientists say that concerted action on these substances can reduce global temperatures by 0.5 degrees Celsius by 2050 and prevent millions of cases of lung and heart disease by 2030. There is no way to effectively address a climate change without reducing carbon dioxide, the most…Read More