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Castor bean (Ricinus Communis): A potential alternative to synthetic insecticides for the eco-friendly management of insect pests stored commodities


article image Habib-ur-Rehman1, Mansoor-ul-Hasan2, Saima Mirza1, Qurban Ali3, Najaf awais2 Storage is a vital part of farm produce in order to ensure the unceasing supply of food throughout the year. Since storage times, stored commodities have been vulnerable to attack by various insects and resulting in qualitative as well as quantitative losses in stored foodstuffs(Hasan et al., 2006). […]…Read More

Women have more potential to accelerate in the field of S&T: Secretary MoST

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article image Pakistan Science Foundation in collaboration with EU Delegation to Pakistan and Ministry of Science and Technology organized popular Science lecture to celebrate Women’s Day. This very important event was aimed at highlighting the achievements of women scientists to celebrate which observed all over the world on March 8 every year. Women have more potential to […]…Read More

Pakistan has potential to standout in technology among developed countries; Dr. AQ Khan

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Dr. AQ Khan, legendary scientist, and founder of nuclear programme of Pakistan said that Pakistan is an ideal place to achieve their goals and dreams with skills such as positive thinking and hard work, expressed his views at as Chief Guest the 5th convocation of the Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University (STMU) at the Jinnah Convention. Prof. […]…Read More

Telecom companies to unleash potential of Balochistan

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The government of Pakistan has handed over more than 12 projects to few telecom operators in Balochistan, after successful bidding. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has increased the potential of this largely untapped market. Telecom operators after deployment are ready to unleash the potential of the province, which has the lowest number of mobile phone users. About […]…Read More

Pakistan a potential market for manufacturing telecom equipment

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With increased demand for 3G and 4G networks among public the mobile handsets market is growing rapidly in Pakistan. Pakistan is a potential market for manufacturing mobile handsets and telecom equipment, but unfortunately, investors and tech companies have very little interest in developing manufacturing plants in Pakistan. Pakistan has many opportunities for manufacturing of mobile […]…Read More

Pakistan has potential to lead global halal trade

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 Government should formulate favorable policies for livestock sector which has 55.9 % and 11.8 % share in agriculture and GDP respectively. Because livestock is important part of agriculture of Pakistan and can pitch potential to get huge share in the international halal trade of over $ 300 billion. LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid leading Punjab […]…Read More

Conference on “Mountain Specific Innovative Solutions for potential scaling up in Pakistan”

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The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development ICIMOD organized a conference on “Mountain Specific Innovative Solutions for potential scaling up in Pakistan” in collaboration with Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), held at National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad. The conference aimed to improve understanding of mountain-specific vulnerabilities and pliability building in milieu of climate and socio-economic […]…Read More

Safflower – a potential industrial crop in Pakistan

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Safflower, botanically Carthamus tinctorius L., and locally known as Kasumba is a crop that has great potential to be sown in Pakistan. The crop can be successfully raised in the present climatic conditions. Its strong stem enables it to withstand drastic climatic variations. Flowers are produced at later stage of growth which produces seeds rich […]…Read More

Wastewater pollution in Pakistan, Potential pollutants, sources and their toxicity

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article image A wide variety of resources granted by nature are also using to retain and to develop life on this planet. Amongst them, water is a key element to support all kind of existence on this planet as one of the most dynamic human resources. Its preservation is, therefore, a priority. Since, it also has political, […]…Read More