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Policy practitioners urge original thinking for research relevance

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PR: Senior policy practitioners have urged emerging researchers to adopt indigenous contexts and approaches while conducting their studies if they are to address the society’s real problems and needs. They were speaking at a meeting of young MPhil and PhD scholars titled “Brainstorming Research Ideas”, which was organized by IPS LEAD – the learning, excellence […]…Read More

Pakistan 4th largest country to provide medical practitioners to USA

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PMDC: Pakistan is the fourth biggest country to provide doctors to United States and at present 12000 Pakistani physicians and specialist doctors are working in different states. It is expected that in near future Pakistan will become the third biggest country to provide doctors who fulfill the demand for international doctors in the USA, says a press release. This was informed during a visit of a delegation led by Dr. Humayun J. Chaudhry President and Chief Executive Officer of…Read More