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Inept priorities!

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Pakistan currently is rife with the reports regarding introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) - crops, fruits and vegetables. An international agreement - Cartagena Protocol on Bio-safety - exists there that establishes a world regime primarily aimed at regulating trade in GMOs intended for release into the environment. The Protocol also imposes certain information-sharing requirements for GMOs shipped in bulk as commodities for use as human food or animal feed, or in processed…Read More

Wrong priorities, this time again!

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According to the US Energy Information Administration estimates, Pakistan keeps huge deposits of shale gas and shale oil. If these reserves are tapped effectively it can last for about 50-70 years and save precious foreign exchange of over $15 billion being consumed in shape of annual oil import, thus eliminating the trade deficit. The energy-starved Pakistan, though, is making efforts to overcome power and gas shortage, yet the root cause are the wrong priorities by official authorities. The…Read More

Importing LNG amid priorities!

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History is witness to this awful fact that the conventional approach of our civil leadership and the bureaucracy too has always been the deciding factor behind in almost all affairs ranging from the local level to national level and the price of these decisions - especially bad decisions - was paid by none other than the poor masses. Constant wrong priorities of decision makers have given birth to Pakistan as a state of multiple crises. It is highly painful to note that we as a nation are in…Read More