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Isolation of menthol from various Mentha varieties using physical processes

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article image Menthol is a biologically active ingredient of viable worth and is utilize in a number of industries. The essential oil acquired from various Mentha species frequently comprises menthol as chief component (40-85%). The Mentha species  have extraordinary menthol contents are Mentha arvensis named as Japanese mint (80-85%) and Mentha piperata recognized as American peppermint (50-55%). […]…Read More

First National Industrial Survey will improve industrial processes

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Punjab will soon design policies and strategies that will lead to improvements in quality of Pakistani product. The policies will be based on the first-ever survey for National Industrial Innovation. Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) will conduct the ‘First National Industrial Innovation Survey’ with the allocation of Rs. 45.041 million. Survey is a […]…Read More

Impact of heat & drought stress on physiological, biological processes in plants

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article image Heat and drought are the main abiotic constraints in harvesting potential yield of the crops on sustained basis. Climate change has a serious threat to cereal production levels required to feed future generations across the globe, hence create food insecurity. Global warming is predicted to increase the frequency and severity of heat waves’ in crops growing areas in the world. Heat stress to varying degrees at different phonological stages causes a substantial yield reduction,…Read More