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Cotton yield enhancement by application of growth promoters

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article image By Ashfaq Ahmad, Muhammad Shaukat, Fahd Rasul, Hafiz Salman Saeed and Syeda Refat Sultana COTTON (Gossypiumhirsutum L.) is not only the fiber and cash crop of the Pakistan but also known as the 2nd best potential source for plant proteins after soybean and the 5th best oil-producing plant after soybean, palm-tree, colza and sunflower. It is regarded as white gold because it provides principal raw material for flourishing textile industry and also lint as an export item.…Read More

Allelopathic water extracts as natural crop growth promoters

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article image INCREASING GLOBAL population demands high crop production to meet the food requirements. Sustainable agriculture ensures the food security, food safety and environmental protection simultaneously. Allelopathy is one of the key processes being used in organically managed agro-ecosystems. It is a natural ecological phenomenon in which plants or micro organisms influence the growth and functioning of others in their vicinity by releasing specific chemicals known as allelochemicals. These chemicals…Read More