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Capital city prone to serious health hazard, PCRWR report

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Residents of capital city are prone to serious health hazard due to lack of proper disposal of municipal waste has intensified the microbial contamination of drinking water in Islamabad. No improvement since 2,000 has been seen in water quality of Islamabad, according to latest water quality analysis of major cities of Pakistan-2015-16. Pakistan Council for […]…Read More

Farm workers prone to facing disasters

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Small farmers, agricultural wageworkers and tenants in rural and agri-based communities are prone to disasters and rapid climate change impacts. These farmers, as a result of disturbed rain patterns are in dire need of measures to rebuild and create resilience to respond the climate change phenomenon. The observations were shared at a roundtable on Private sector resilience’ and launching of Resilience Scoping Study organized by Oxfam-Novib Pakistan in collaboration…Read More