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Climate change: PV foresight

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article image Innovations are the on the rise as it has been mentioned in the website of the White House that innovations of any sort or form will be supported by the US government to address the believed phenomenon of change is permanent. So, the idea of production of electricity will also change. It has seen a shift from human to water by making turbines and making them run via falling waters from height. Then coal shoves it to product electricity which was abandoned by some as it was causing…Read More

Pakistan to get 100MW solar PV from China

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article image MONITORING REPORT ISB: Chinese mounting systems maker Powerway Renewable Energy has announced supply its solar mounting systems and ground screw foundations, as well as construction services, to developer TBEA for the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park in Pakistan.According to information, the project is the first phase of a 1 GW project which the government plans to build in the next two years in Bahawalpur district of Punjab. Earlier, it was planned to complete this initial 100 MW phase in…Read More

Factors to consider before buying a Solar PV system

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article image By Samir AhmadOWING TO the unprecedented level of power shortage being faced throughout the major cities and villages of Pakistan, a substantial demand of quick and reliable power solutions for household and industrial application has been observed. People have now started understanding that quick fixes in the form of UPS (Uninterrupted power supplies) and petrol/diesel generators are not a long term and sustainable solution to the impending power crisis, which is here to stay.In scenarios such…Read More