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Bt Corn in Pakistan: Unanswered questions

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WE KEEP hearing that introduction of Genetically Modified (GM) or Bt Corn in Pakistan will provide the following benefits:•  Increase Corn yields•  Reduce Pesticide usage•  Financial benefit for farmersHowever, the following questions remain un-answered;•  To-date, no seed company or government institution has bothered to address the issue of cross-pollination contamination or its prevention due to Bt Corn in Pakistan.•  Corn/Maize production data since the year 2000 to date. This…Read More

Important questions regarding GM – Maize/Corn in Pakistan

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By Dr. Maria ShwebaGENETICALLY MODIFIED (GM) or Bt Corn/Maize trials are being held in Pakistan since 2009-10. The process has not gained public attention but the following questions now need to be asked from promoters of the GM corn/maize because a food crop is being commercialized in Pakistan and it seems we have not prepared for this. The following questions for the decision makers at Federal and provincial level need to be answered in the public interest:Although European Union (EU) has…Read More

NA body questions high price of 4000 solar tube wells

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Textile Industry, while taking notice of the exorbitant price estimates of up to Rs 3 million of each solar tube well in the country, has questioned this price saying when this technology is available in the market at Rs 1.5 million as maximum price, then why the Planning Commission has fixed these estimates so high.The committee directed the Planning Commission to present methodology adopted by it for the calculation of the cost of…Read More

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