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Acid rain; a threat to ecosystem

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article image "Acid rain" is a well known term that refers to the deposition of moist (rain, snow, sleet, fog, cloud water, and dew) and dry (acidifying particles and gases) acidic components. It lies among the most damaging environmental factors and has a wide range of its victims. Once carbon dioxide is removed from distilled water, it will have a neutral pH of 7 while pH more or less than 7 refers to acidic and alkaline liquids, respectively. The pH of "clean" or unpolluted rain…Read More

Changed rain patterns affecting birds breeding cycle

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: The changing rain pattern is having disastrous effects on numerous species of indigenous birds, with many of them being unable to breed due to this year’s delayed monsoon rains."The global warming, altering temperatures and changes in climate have resulted in delayed monsoons rains, which have led to a number of species - including birds, mammals, reptiles and insects - missing their breeding season," said Hussain Bakhsh Bhagat, Project Director at the Sindh…Read More

Rain water harvesting can mitigate water scarcity in Pakistan

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article image WATER IS a valuable gift from God which has been given prime importance in the Holy Quran. It is one of the three important things that every human is blessed with freely: grasses providing pasture for cattle, water, and fire without which existence of life on earth is impossible. In the Quran Allah says: "We sent down water from the sky in measure and lodged it in the ground. And we certainly are able to withdraw it. Therewith for you we gave rise to gardens of palm-trees and vineyards…Read More