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Yawning need for rainwater harvesting

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Water shortage - both portable and irrigation - in Pakistan is getting critical with every passing day mainly due to the negative impacts of climate change and subsequent rise in whether temperature. Water flows in rivers are constantly on the decline while storage capacity of water reservoirs is shrinking leaving less water availability for irrigation human usage. If this situation persists in the country, which heavily depends on agriculture sector for survival, would face food security…Read More

Rainwater harvesting need to be popularized

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MANY AREAS in Pakistan are currently facing acute water shortage. Groundwater withdrawal is exceeding while recharge water table in major cities is decreasing. Population increase is another major reason for increased water demand. In the wake of continuing water scarcity in Pakistan, there is a high demand for communities to conserve water and search for alternative solutions for water shortage. Water conservation not only saves water but also reduces energy use and capital/operational cost…Read More

Rainwater harvesting a potential remedy

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article image Rain water harvesting is the way through which collection and storage of rain water that runs off from rooftop, parks, roads, open ground etc. This runoff water can be either stored or recharged into the groundwater table. The scarcity of water is increasing year by year in Pakistan. In past due to passing the Ravi River, the natural phenomenon at most of area of Punjab’s water ground table recharging occurred. But now due to our negligence, ill government policies and…Read More