Pakistan’s official website hacked to support red zone protestors

With the intense political situation of the country, hackers decided to part with their favourite personalities and help them on their mission.

Today morning hackers defaced Pakistan’s official website; while they placed pictures of some of the famous political leaders, they were quite clean enough to leave nothing behind for identification.

Certainly that could have given a very negative signal to the outside world as the people within the state are expected for

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Acute water shortage – a red alert for leadership

Red alert for the political leadership of Pakistan, as the country has been categorized with the water stressed of "80 per cent status, in spite of located within the Asia’s world water tower – the Himalayan mountain ranges. This is a serious and final warning to the decision makers to act on fast track basis to avert any impeding catastrophic situation in the days to come. Altogether there is no concept of IWRM (Integrated Water Resource Management) practices in the country or

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Water issue places Pakistan in Red Zone list

STAFF REPORT FBD: Water security has become a critical issue as Pakistan has been placed in the Red Zone list in the water availability index."Although Pakistan is a food secure country, yet the water crisis might turn the fertile lands into barren if the issue is not addressed in time," said University of Agriculture Faisalabad Vice-Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan while addressing an annual function of the Agricultural Engineering Department here last week.He stressed the need to

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Focus on red beans

By Tahir Ali via DawnMALAKAND DIVISION in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is not only known for its fruits and vegetables but also it has another speciality – the red beans.The area produces quality red beans, called Lobia locally, which is known for its nutritious value for being a rich source of protein. It is generally cultivated during June and harvested in October/November.According to Saeedur Rehman, a Dir-based farmer, lobia is widely cultivated in Dir, Chitral, Kohistan and Shangla. Lobia, produced

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