Policy reforms best option

Q:Kindly give some brief account of youself.
A:I am a Director and CEO of Jaffer Business Systems, a major IT company, having HP, Emersson, Oracle, Microsoft as its key partners. In addition, I am also the President of Touchpoint Group, offering Self Service, Business Intelligence/Analytics services, Call Center Solutions (based on Genesys), and VAS Platforms. Prior to this, I was the Senior Vice President and Member Executive Board for Comptel Corporation. I have also held the

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VCs at odds with KP govt over university reforms

STAFF REPORT PESH: Vice chancellors of government universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are at odds with the provincial higher education department over the proposed criteria of their removal and performance evaluation.
Sources said the VCs of 19 public sector universities in the province had shown concerns over three to four points of the reforms proposed by the working group about themselves.The sources said major concern of VCs was about the appointment and removal of a vice chancellor as

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Reforms of S and T ministry on the card

STAFF REPORT ISB: A series of meetings regarding the restructuring and reorientation of various organizations are going on in the Ministry of Science and Technology, in the chairmanship of Federal Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid.
In this connection, a detailed presentation has recently been given by Pir Baksh Jamali, Director General SQCA, a subsidiary organization of the Ministry of SandT. The minister said on the occasion that after the 18th amendments the PSQCA has to

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Reforms stressed for socio-economic uplift

STAFF REPORT ISB: Development is not possible without public sector reforms and we are working with academia and research institutions like SDPI to move forward in reform of civil service, taxation system, policing, criminal justice system and education, said Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform, Prof. Ahsan Iqbal, while meeting with Dr. Peter Taylor, from IDRC, Canada.

The minister said, "We appreciate the valuable input SDPI provided in the formation of our Vision

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Brains from industries gather to propose reforms in apprenticeship law

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan is severely facing the shortage of skilled manpower which is required to accelerate as well as tap the potential of the country’s industrial sector and to keep the wheel of industrial activities rolling there is a yawning need to develop the concept of professional training of fresh graduates through active involvement of both public and private sectors.

Participants of a National Workshop recently held in Islamabad emphasized the scope of the

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Education and reforms

IT is heartening to see the Sindh chief secretary taking interest in worsening education affairs in the province. Recently, he has convened a meeting on education reforms in Sindh, focusing on three programmes – public-private partnership, school consolidations and academies model in the UK.

The latter is being considered for replication with some contextual changes. The participants of the meeting included representatives of the World Bank, USAID, DIFD, UNICEF and civil society members

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Nadra reforms old pension disbursement system

STAFF REPORT IBD: NADRA in collaboration with EOBI has launched the Pension Disbursement Project for all the pensioners enrolled with EOBI. Pension shall be disbursed to EOBI pensioners holding chip based Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) of NADRA at e-Sahulat points spread nationwide."It is the first time in Pakistan that EOBI pensioners will receive pensions through SNIC with the live biometric verification which will also be performed at NADRA e-Sahulat franchisees across Pakistan,

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Experts stress joint efforts for l and reforms, food security

STAFF REPORT IBD: Environment, agriculture and media experts at a workshop have called for making joint efforts to introduce land reforms, ensure food security and halt onslaught of corporate farming in the country by taking all stakeholders on board."The government should change its outdated mindset and come forward with a positive and farmers-friendly approach to redistribute land among peasants and provide financial backup aid to them for growing crops so that they could get their

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L and reforms needed to boost agriculture

STAFF REPORT IBD: The land holding pattern in Pakistan is of highly skewed nature as 58 per cent of the country’s 6.6 million rural landowners have less than five acres of agricultural land, and only three per cent women have their own agricultural land, while, 6 per cent possess 80 per cent of agricultural land. It is evident from this fact that a majority of rural souls serve as peasants or wage workers.Unless agriculture is brought under formal labour mechanism and agriculture workers are

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