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Technopolitika: Science &Technology in International Relations

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“In a globalized world economy, whoever has the technological edge will dominate the world” – Alfred Thayer Mahan. Science and technology (S&T) are at the same time symbols and engines of modernization. They are therefore subjects of importance and controversy for developing countries. Science is valued for its close relationship to technology and shorthand phrase […]…Read More


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Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan, Federal Minister for M/o National Food Security & Research, Islamabad held a meeting with Mr. Vitaly Vovk Belarusian Minister for Industry / Co-Chairman of the Joint Belarus – Pakistan Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation) on 13th July, 2017. During the meeting, The Federal Minister M/o NFSR welcomed the Honorable […]…Read More

Biochar and soil health relations and benefits

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article image Soil is a major part of life of human being which supports a man from its birth to death. Its creation is not just within days or months or years, it needs centuries. It`s maintenance is essential for every generation with the climate simultaneously. It is basically itself a whole world. It has nutrients, elements, organic matter, a lot of species of organisms and indirectly a symbol of life. A wide range of biodiversity survives in it. Human extract a…Read More