SWD, WWF release Indian pangolin into Kirthar National Park

STAFF REPORT KHI: Sindh Wildlife Department (SWD) and WWF-Pakistan have jointly released Indian pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) into Khar Centre of Kirthar National Park, 45 kilometers off Karachi.

The presence of the mammal identified as Indian pangolin was noticed near Islamia College in Jamshed Town, Karachi, this month. The mammal was later on handed it over to Karachi Zoo.

The Sindh Wildlife Department being the sole custodian of wild animals in the province received it from the

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Controlled release fertilizers – uses and benefits

Since long, the main purpose of fertilizer application is to provide nutrients to plants in order to increase crop yields. Thus, improvement of fertilizer use efficiency of nutrient uptake and better crop yields is important for fertilizer producers and users. However, any fertilizer regardless of its form may harm the environment if misused. Environmentalists characterize fertilizer use as one of the source of polluting soil, water, and air. The adverse environmental impacts of

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Controlled release of fertilizers; uses and benefits

From many years, the main goal of applying fertilizers is to provide nutrients to plants to increase or sustain crop yields. Thus, to improve fertilizer use efficiency in terms of nutrient uptake and better crop yields is important to fertilizer producers and users. However, any fertilizer, whether in the natural, organic, or inorganic form, can harm the environment if misused. Recently, fertilizers usage has been labelled by environmentalists as one source of polluting soil, water, and

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Fishermen release three captured shark whales

STAFF REPORT KHI: Fishermen along the Karachi coast have the released three whale sharks they captured in the offshore waters of Pakistan.
"These fishermen were trained by the WWF-Pakistan for the release of the shark wales," said World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Pakistan’s Communications Officer, Asif Ali Sandeelo while confirming the news.
An 18-ft large whale shark had got entangled in the tuna gillnets about 73 km southeast of Karachi in the sea waters. In

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Microsoft to release Android-powered Nokia X2 h and set

STAFF REPORT ISB: Microsoft has unveiled its first phone after completing its takeover of Nokia’s handset division – and the device is powered by Android.
The operating system, developed by Google, is usually seen as a rival to Microsoft’s own Windows Phone OS.Microsoft said the Nokia X2 offered it a way to hook users into its cloud-based services, several of which come pre-installed as apps.
One expert said the alternative would have been leaving "money on the table&quot

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Farm credit release down by 15pc

STAFF REPORT KHI: The agricultural credit disbursement by banks surged by 15.29 per cent on year-on-year basis to Rs 223.845 billion in the first ten months of the current fiscal year. In absolute terms, disbursement of credit to the agriculture sector increased by over Rs 29.688 billion in July-April, 2012 when compared with total disbursement of Rs 194.157 billion in the same period of the last fiscal year.In total, the credit disbursement by five major commercial banks including ABL, HBL, MCB

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