Waste water agriculture Threats, challenges and remedies

Raw city effluent represents the untreated sewage or waste water which normally contains plant

nutrient, toxic chemicals, organic and inorganic pollutants and pathogens. The frequency and

volume of effluents are increasing day by day due to unplanned and unchecked urbanization.

The mushroom growth of urban population and industries has absorbed the major share of fresh

water and dispose it into drains in the form of waste water. In Pakistan the bulk

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Pathological threats to mangoes and remedies

By Zeeshan Sattar M.Sc. (Hon’s.), Muhammad Mohsin Raza, Sabir Hussain Khan, Muhammad Aslam Khan and Iqra Ashfaq

MANGO, MANGIFERA indica L. is one of the most important overseas cash earning fruit crop of Pakistan, through exporting to all over the world. It is known as the "King of fruits", because the mango fruit is nutritionally rich in vitamin A and C and carbohydrates. It is savoured and liked by every one for its dietetic value and flavour and is also claimed to be of

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