Education reforms are requisite for knowledge based economy

THE UNDULATIONS in Pakistan`s education system are not new and are a customary of education system we inherited from British colony during occupation of subcontinent. Most of hackneyed practices and conventional education methodology still stales the education system and drops its effervescence with passage of time.

Knowledge is oxygen for productivity and economic growth, while focusing on role of information, technology and learning in global traverse. The modern economies are

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Edible oil requisite for massive population

Pakistan is an enriched country for agricultural crops cereal, sugar, fibre, pulses, oilseed crops etc. It is advancing comparatively better in major crops but oilseed crops are still showing poor progress. During 2013-14, total requirement of edible oil was 2.325 million tons with local production 0.606 (26 per cent) million tons and Import 1.719 (74 per cent) million tons having import bill Rs.148.633 billion. The population is increasing rapidly with 1.95 per cent (2014) growth rate that

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Pre-requisite to 3G, 4G launch

With the auction of 3G, 4G spectrum licences, the mobile phone companies have invigorated their media campaigns – both on print and electronic – enticing their subscribers to come on their platform to enjoy, what they call, a bundle of benefits especially huge-sized videos with high speed internet. It is beyond any argument that rules should come first before launching any mechanism to explain its positive and negative impacts so that the mechanism is properly implemented without harming any

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