Policy shifts are must for resolving water scarcity issue: Speakers

START REPORT KHI: The water resources of Pakistan are becoming extensively scarce and there is a need to sensitize water conservation and underline water governance issues of the country. The US-Pakistan Centre for Advanced Studies in Water (USPCAS-W) organized seminar on Water governance in Pakistan’ to highlight and prompt the policy makers with the rapidly shrinking water resources and storage capacity due to increasing consumption and climate change impacts.

The seminar was co

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Resolving national water shortage issue

Pakistan has in most areas of agriculture a monsoon climate, and there might be abundant rainfall during the wet season and then a very long dry season where crop production depends very heavily on irrigation water. In this situation, when ground water is excessively over-pumped to meet agriculture requirement results in formation of salinity and barren lands that in long run causes food scarcity in the country. This man-made practice disrupts the natural hydrologic cycle, causes rivers and

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