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Need to revisit IT affairs

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The Ministry of Information Technology has again landed in troubles and looks to have gone astray when most recently, in a surprise move, CEO of ICT RandD Fund, just few months after his appointment, has tendered his resignation citing excessive interference and meddling by the Secretary, Ministry of IT. During his service, the Secretary had also reportedly served the CEO of ICT RandD Fund with a show cause notice for not attending a meeting in the constituency of the Prime Minister, who is also…Read More

Science policy revisit urged to alleviate poverty

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article image STAFF REPORT FBD: Science policy needs to be researched for its enhanced impact with a special focus on unprivileged class keeping in view alleviation of poverty and hunger from the globe."The goal of my organisation is to contribute with the research and education to enhancing sustainable human development and combating poverty in the developing world," German scientist Dr Bernhard Tischbein while holding a meeting with University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) Vice Chancellor Prof…Read More

Need to revisit policy on R and D

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WHILE GLOBAL expenditure on research and development has been rising consistently, two of the ten countries - China and India - which contribute about 78 per cent of the total are now emerging economies. Most recently, India has announced to double its RandD allocations with the main focus on science and technology as well as information technology. South Asia’s contribution to the global RandD expenditures is estimated at a pitiful four cent of the total and even this expenditure mostly comes…Read More

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