UVAS symposium for revival of poultry feed sector

STAFF REPORT LHR: Poultry stakeholders have called for withdrawal of all import duties, additional import taxes and sales tax on poultry feed ingredients, plant and machinery and grandparent day-old chicks.

The demand was made at a symposium on "Emerging challenges and sustainability of poultry sector in Pakistan" arranged by the UVAS Lahore.

Vice-Chancellor Meritorious Prof. Dr Talat Naseer Pasha and Secretary Livestock and Dairy Development Punjab Nasim Sadiq co-

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Revival of science subjects

Though the education environment is getting improved in the country, courtesy the classified institutions, yet the students’ interest towards science subjects is comparatively below the required mark. Surveys show that school students in India see science as the most prestigious and glamorous career to pursue. For them Einstein, Stephen Hawking, black holes and genes is the way to go. Although most students eventually opt for more normal’ professions, yet sufficient numbers persist and

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Textile sector stresses revival of sick units

STAFF REPORT FSD: Textile entrepreneurs have urged the government to do its utmost for the revival of sick units as yarn consumption at international level is declining and local value-added textile sector can exploit the situation.
They said revival of such units would also provide jobs to the jobless if the government provides them with required working capital to take benefit of the GSP Plus status from the EU.
They held a meeting to review the situation of the sick units held

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Pakistan starts taking initiatives for revival of biotechnology

Sidra Saif

ISLAMABAD: The future of biotechnology has brightened one again as the government of Pakistan has taken a major step forward for coordinated and targeted initiatives meant for research and development in biotechnology, which, subsequently would improve the engineering of medicines, food or other sector.

Biotechnology has a considerable potential for promoting the efficiency of crop improvement, food production, and poverty reduction, especially in developing countries like

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Revival of Nano-Sc and Tech Commission urged

STAFF REPORT IBD: Ministry of Science and Technology Secretary Akhlaq Tarar has said that by 2015, nanotechnology will have a market share of $3 billion. Following an initial investment for developing science and technology in the country, a resource constraint has set in and finances are being diverted to other projects.He said this while addressing a recently held one-day on "Nanotechnology and Stakeholders in Pakistan" in Islamabad to emphasize the importance of developing

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Innovation core of S and T revival in Islamic world

What kind of impact do you think science and technology will continue to impart in future?Dr. Anwar Nasim: Scientific approach or methodology is to look at the things in a more rational and analytical manner. The science and technology education makes your approach more rational. If you are so, then you are more tolerant. Science is a symbol of knowledge and information to understand and it will continue to have a significant impact on civilization and human relations in future. The more people

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