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Reviving pledge for cause of education

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article image International Students’ Day is an international observance of student community, held annually on November 17. Taking the day differently than its original meaning commemorating German storming of Czech universities in 1939 and killing and sending of its students to concentration camps, a number of universities mark it, sometimes on a day other than November 17, for a nonpolitical celebration of the multiculturalism of their international students. The 17th of November is the…Read More

Reviving traditional ideas for sustainable agriculture

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article image Dr Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Dr Babar ShahbazVERY MUCH peculiar and pinching fact has come on the scenario that we are mostly entrapped within a sphere that innovators (the people who first of all adopt the innovation) are the best categories of farmers in the perspective of adoption of agricultural innovations and the laggards (who are resistant to change) are criticized. There remains a paradoxical and perplex situation to decide whether there is any place for the people having traditional ideas…Read More