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Skilled labor is essential to ripe the benefits of CPEC

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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has of high value for both countries Pakistan and China. It is just not beneficial for these two countries but will also benefit the surrounding region. CPEC intend to plan as corridor for peace, prosperity and development. The CPEC is holding a transformational power to impact on the state and […]…Read More

Time ripe to tap potential through 3G, 4G: PTA chairman

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article image Q: Kindly give a brief account of your academic and professional career. A: I did my PhD from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA in 1997. Earlier I did my Master from the same university and before that I got my engineering degree from the UET Peshawar. I started my professional life by joining the Telecommunication Division of Siemens Engineering Company in its office in Islamabad in 1989. I remained there for two years before moving abroad on a scholarship from the…Read More

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