Current taxation structure ruining IT industry: Anusha

STAFF REPORT ISB: ISLAMABAD: State Minister for Information Technology Anusha Rehman has said that the government needs to rationalise taxation on the telecommunication sector to encourage further investments.

"The current taxation mechanism is strangulating the business environment for cellular companies," she told the National Assembly Standing Committee on ICT explaining that telecommunication companies were hesitant to expand.

According to her, there is taxation on

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Centre-provinces rifts ruining climate change policy

STAFF REPORT ISB: While the climate change has become an issue of top priority especially in developing countries, the case in Pakistan is different as it has failed to ensure implementation of its first-ever climate change policy on account of sheer negligence of the governments.

"The first National Climate Change Policy was approved in September 2012, but it could not be implemented owing to ignorance on part of that government and dispute between the federal and provincial

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Indias water hegemony ruining Pak economy

STAFF REPORT ISB:  Maintaining that "stoppage of water by India has a caused huge water shortage in Pakistan besides damaging its economy", Chairman Pakistan’s Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Maulana Fazlur Rahman urged India "not to stop water of different rivers flowing down from Kashmir into Pakistani territory.""If India strangles our economy by stopping water of rivers, we won’t throw flowers in reaction," Rehman said in a statement while showing

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