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HEC proposes Rs25b to run ongoing, new initiatives

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Higher Education Commission (HEC) has proposed an amount of Rs25 billion for financial year 2016-17 to run its ongoing and new initiatives in line with the Vision 2025 and the government’s priorities. The information made part of the draft PSDP 2016-17 proposal shared in National Assembly Standing Committee on Federal Education and Professional Training recently held at the HEC secretariat. The committee was briefed in detail by Chairperson HEC Prof. Dr Mukhtar…Read More

Pakistani scientists and engineers are competent enough to safely run nuclear power operations, and they have amply demonstrated this during the last four decades – Dr. Parvez

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article image Dr. Ansar Parvez, HI, is the former chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), and also the past chairman of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (2010-2011). He is currently advisor on nuclear power to National Command Authority (NCA). In an exclusive interview with Technology Times, when he was the chairman of PAEC, he briefed about the existing situation of nuclear power generation in Pakistan, and clarified the safety concerns for the two upcoming…Read More

Run-of-the-river hydroelectricity concept

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article image Last part Run-of-the-river hydroelectricity is ideal for streams or rivers with a minimum dry weather flow or those regulated by a much larger dam and reservoir upstream. A dam, smaller than that used for traditional hydro, is required to ensure that there is enough water to enter the "penstock" pipes that lead to the lower-elevation turbines. Projects with poundage, as opposed to those without poundage, can store water for peak load demand or continuously for base load,…Read More

Run of the river projects – long way to go

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article image PART-1 Pakistan is a water rich country but, unfortunately, its energy market investment in hydel power generation has been caught up in confusion and paradoxes for more than a decade, and no significant progress has been achieved so far. On the other hand, the Government is trying to facilitate private investors to promote hydel power generation in the country. Hydropower is a primary domestic source of energy. Pakistan is endowed with a hydel potential of approximately 41722 MW, most…Read More

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Farm sector to have biogas-run tube wells

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STAFF REPORT FBD: As Pakistan’s agriculture sector is persistently facing the brunt of the energy crisis which has made it impossible for farmers to operate tube wells, a Netherlands-funded programme is promoting biogas as an alternate fuel to run tube wells.Agriculturists say that they are handicapped as they cannot get water from canals or operate tube wells due to the prevailing energy crisis, and since most of the farmers come under the low-income bracket, they cannot go for expensive…Read More

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Thar coal to be used to run all Pakistan power plants

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: The government of Pakistan has decided to convert all the existing and new power plants on the specification of Thar coal versus earlier plan of converting these on imported coal.This decision is in line with the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) and SECMC, whereby it has been agreed after the approval of the feasibility report, PEPCO would sign coal supply agreement with SECMC. Total foreign exchange savings for 4000 MW of Thar…Read More

IT ministry being run sans any regular chief

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Though the Ministry of Information Technology is regularly facing a tough time in terms of non-seriousness on the part of the relevant authorities, however, they most recently come to the realization that the ministry is being run with acting heads as there is no regular appointments.The parliamentary committee, which met here last week with Barjees Tahir in the chair, felt that the IT Ministry is not doing its assignments as majority of the senior officials of the IT ministry…Read More

Pak teacher develops water-run rocket missile

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: A Pakistani mechanical engineer and a school science teacher has developed a rocket missile, with an initial capability of flying up to 320 feet high, which uses water as its fuel."I had to cut water bottle and to install air compressor to develop this missile," says Muhammad Faisal, a teacher in Government Model School, Karachi, which is considered as the economic hub of the country.Using the back pressure technique to launch, the missile could easily be used for…Read More

Warid, SKMT run anti-tobacco drive

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Warid has recently conducted a massive anti-tobacco awareness campaign in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Hospital on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, which highlighted the adverse effects of using tobacco.Warid collected funds for poor cancer patients and organized a session for its employees on the dangers of smoking. In addition to sending awareness text messages to Warid subscribers, the company also ran an awareness campaign on its Facebook page, says a press…Read More

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USF violates PPRA rules to run pro-govt media campaign

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By Paras AliISLAMABAD: The sitting government, which claims to have achieved a significant growth in the information technology and telecom sector, itself is bent upon vitiating all the research and development activities and initiatives once taken by the Universal Service Fund (USF) as being helpless against the political influence the Fund has approved an advertisement campaign on electronic media for the PPP regime’s image building involving a hefty amount of Rs. 120 million which was…Read More