Yellow/stripe rust in wheat

Wheat is the major and staple crop in Pakistan. It is cultivated on more than eight million hectares. Major limiting factor to the production of wheat is the diseases caused by fungus, nematodes, bacteria and other A-biotic factors. Wheat yellow rust is present worldwide causing more than 70% losses in wheat. Four major epidemics due to yellow rust were recorded in 1978, 1997-98 and 2005 and caused loses of US 244 million dollars, 33 million dollars and 100 million dollars to the

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Wheat farmers cautioned about rust disease

STAFF REPORT MULTAN: Agriculture experts have advised farmers to closely monitor wheat crop at a delicate growth stage of grain formation and warned them to beware of Aphid attack and Rust disease that had caused reduction in wheat production last year in Punjab.

Wheat is a main food crop that meets 75 per cent of the domestic food requirements and experts believe farmers should be vigilant in the crop care to ensure that the country should meet target of 19.5 million tons wheat, says a

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PARC unveils 4 new rust-resistant wheat varieties

STAFF REPORT ISB: PARC has released four new rust resistant wheat varieties including a bio-fortified variety having 50 percent zinc contents. The bio-fortified variety is first-ever such introduction in the list of recommended varieties for farmers’ choice in any agro-ecology, Chairman PARC Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) Dr Shahid Masood said at a meeting.

He said all these varieties were resistant to different types of rusts, which have been one of the major biotic threats to

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