Scientists call for sane policy to ensure food security

STAFF REPORT KHI: Agriculture scientists have highlighted the importance of removing policy gaps in order to bring about self-sufficiency in food production and ensure food security through transferring latest technologies and research results to farmers.

"We have been blessed with adequate climate and have up-to-date technology, however, where we lack is the policy side which needed to be given heed for the promotion of agriculture sector," speakers said while addressing a

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Sane decision, at least this time!

FOR THE last couple of years uptil recent past, the agriculture sector witnessed a hectic series of activities on the part of both the government and the multinational companies particularly Monsanto for the adaptation of Bt cotton seed in Pakistan. However, dismal results came out of the on-ground experiments done ultimately forced the government to shut the door on the Bt cotton seed. Opponents of the government’s decision argue that Monsanto had signed such an agreement with China 1996,

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