Energy saving can help control power shortfall

STAFF REPORT LHR: Energy experts have said that usage of energy-efficient equipment in industries and home appliances along with energy conservation measures can help mitigate prevailing energy crisis in the country.

They were speaking at a seminar "Energy Audit-Impacts and Prospects" was arranged by the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP) Lahore, at Wapda House.

In the opening address, Engr Mohsin M. Syed, President IEEEP, and member

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UMT students fuel-saving idea wins at DICE-INVENT event

STAFF REPORT KHI: Ammar Hussain, a student of the industrial engineering programme at the University of Management and Technology, has presented "Power UP", a fuel saving idea using hydrogen fuel cell technology with an impressive prototype that was declared winner at the Institute of Business Administration’s Grand Entrepreneurial DICE-INVENT Event at Karachi.
This event is conducted every year at IBA-Karachi and is considered as the most versatile and comprehensive

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"Fuel Saving Kit" achieved 4th Position in LUMS Enterprenuership Contest

Once again the students of Industrial Engineering department at University of Management and Technology Lahore proved themselves at national level in the area of entrepreneurship as they achieve 4th position at the LUMS Entrepreneurial Challenge held on September 21, 2014. A total of 17 teams from prestigious universities including PIEAS, NUST, FAST, GIKI and LUMS also participated in the 2-day competition.

After being shortlisted in the first round, Ammar Hussain (an Industrial

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Saving citrus orchard from fruit fly

Citrus stands first in area and production among the world’s tree fruits. In Pakistan also, citrus fruits are the most important fruit crops grown on the area of 160,000 hectares with production of 1.5 MMT annually. Citrus fruit is grown in all four provinces of Pakistan but Punjab produces over 95 per cent of the crop because of its greater population, favourable growing conditions and adequate water. So to attain maximum output we need to minimize these losses to achieve maximum yield and

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Saving crops in Thar

In Thar, there is no canal system and rain is the single source of water for growing crops. There were heavy rains this year and people were delighted. But the sudden attack of harmful insects on crops has shattered the hopes of the locals. Almost 70 per cent crops have been destroyed. The chief crops of Thar such as bajra, gawar and moong are produced in large quantities. Besides, other agricultural products of Thar are a good source of economy for the country. Gawar is exported by the tons

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HIT: Fuelling decisions, saving lives!

"INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is a pivotal part of transforming our healthcare system. We are at a critical juncture. Working in close collaboration, the government and private sector can drive changes that will lead to fewer medical errors, lower costs, less hassle and better care" – Mike Leavitt.

The deliverance of healthcare is changing globally. Policymakers, healthcare providers, supporting industries, and payers all are playing a significant function in the revolution of

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Easypaisa launches Khushaal Munafa mobile money saving

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan’s premier branchless banking service, Easypaisa, has launched Khushaal Munafa, the first savings product on a branchless banking platform offering monetary returns to its Easypaisa mobile account customers. The initiative is yet another important step towards the financial inclusion of rural and semi-urban Pakistanis who have no choice today but to save their funds in informal savings.Khushaal Munafa offers Easypaisa mobile account customers a profit of up to 9 per

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Transplantation of maize – a time saving option

By Hafiz Abdul Wajid Bhatti, M. Bilawal Junaid, Aqib Mahmood and Dr. Irfan AfzalWITH AN increasing global population demands high crop production to meet the food requirements, timely sown and proper method of sowing ensures the food security, food safety and environmental protection simultaneously. Transplanting provides maximum stand establishment, early flowering, maximum biomass production and more grain yield as compared to direct seeding. It is a best method to get maximum crop plants

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Daylight saving: Technology or policy

Excessive usage of mobile phone keeps people motivated to wake up late night until morning to avail free calling packages for chit chat with friends of other gender. It also contributes in increase in demand for electricity to be used at night thus not waking up early to utilize day light at morning prayer for working, finishing homework, going to officeDESPITE THE management of the "Nature" in favour of humanity, the agents working against the policies of God for the own financial

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