Scitech Museums – any role to play?

"I like this machine," said the little boy. "Look son this machine is better. It is made up of these… parts and works on the principle of…" explained the father. This is the snippet of conversation between father and his kid, that I overheard in Science Museum London while standing next to a sixteenth century machine.During my visits to five different science and technology (scitech) museums in my recent visit to UK, I witnessed the evolution, from conception to

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PSF bosses accused of putting SciTech culture in danger

STAFF REPORT ISB: At a time when the government of Pakistan is rigorously taking initiatives to promote the culture of science and technology in the country at all levels, the bosses of Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) are allegedly denting this vision and mission by taking non-professional or immature decisions – making of its Media Cell virtually redundant as one of them.

The Media Cell is a statutory entity of the PSF, which was proposed in 2006 and was duly sanctioned in 2009 by the

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