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Scope of Halal Meat Industry of Pakistan

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article image HALAL IS a word of Arabic language which means lawful. It refers to the things or actions permitted by Sharia law’ without punishment imposed on doer but it has got more practical significance in food industry. Being Muslims, it is our requirement to eat halal food and it has also been stressed heavily in the Holy Quran on consumption of food which fulfills certain criteria to be halal. According to a survey, the global Muslim population is around 1.83 billion which constitutes 30% of…Read More

US higher edu scope projected at USEFP fair

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) and Education USA have recently organized a "Back to School" fair in Islamabad to provide Pakistani students an opportunity to meet alumni from over 30 US colleges and universities. On the occasion, US Embassy staff members representing their country’s colleges and universities answered students’ questions about studying in the US including the application process, campus life in America, and how to…Read More

Broadb and scope enjoys good market space

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STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistani market seems to have the basic ingredients for rapid adoption of broadband internet as there is not only a huge, addressable market of over 100 million adults and nearly 30 million households that are up for the taking, but also an encouraging trend seems to be emerging where more and more people are using online means to stay connected.According to the PTA’s recently released Annual Report (2012) estimates that broadband penetration rate stood at a paltry 1.2…Read More

Impact and Scope of Dairy Technology

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WE ARE pioneer dairy technologist session 2007-2011. This degree has started first time in the history of Pakistan in October 2007 whereas this degree was started in India 25 years ago. In Pakistan about 25% of total home budget is expends on milk and related products in this regard, although dairy industry has proved tremendous job in stability and economy of this country but not to the extent to what it should be?.Produced milk in France is not more in quantity than Pakistan where 97% milk is…Read More

Br and ed ICT companies find wide scope in Punjab

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: As a step forward towards promoting information technology in the province, the Punjab government has recently signed a number of memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with the world’s renowned IT companies.Under the MoUs, the American company Microsoft will train students in internet based self-employment methods, Cisco will set up Cisco Network Academy while through Huawei Company, besides infrastructure development of information and communication technology, various training…Read More

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