Experts call for capacity building in seed technology

STAFF REPORT FSD: Lack of availability of quality and certified seed is the major constraints to increase agricultural productivity. The public and private sectors’ joint efforts can bring the country out of the crisis of certified seed shortage.
"Pakistan is importing hybrid seed of maize, rice, potatoes and other vegetables worth billions of rupees that could be saved by strengthening seed industry and farmers co-operatives," said University of Agriculture Faisalabad Vice

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PARC develops canola hybrid seed

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has developed Canola Hybrid with good potential yield and produced hybrid seed on pilot scale.
The PARC marketed 30 tons of canola hybrid seed during the last two years. During the current Rabi season PARC planted Canola Hybrid Seed Production on 70 acres to promote the availability of hybrid seed to small farmers at low prices.
This was stated by Dr Muhammad Azeem Khan, Director General, National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC

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Work on modern seed centre under way at UAF

STAFF REPORT FSD: The University of Agriculture Faisalabad will have a state-of-the-art Seed Centre, first of its kind, aims at producing heat-tolerant and maximum yield potential seed varieties amid climate changes and conduct valuables researches to ensure food security in the country.

"Under the multi-disciplinary approach, the centre will pave the way for the seed development and mechanization; marketing, and value chain," said UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan while

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Desperate need for seed certification

WHERE THE paucity of water, environment degradation, floods, land erosion and fast urbanization have cast negative effects on agriculture in Pakistan, lack of provision of quality and certified seeds is equally responsible for the constant decline in per acre yield. Black-marketing, high prices and interrupted supply of certified seeds have always been a grey area for the farmers, who find it hard to withstand besides all other odds like fertilizers availability and water shortage especially

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PARC markets 30 tons canola hybrid seed

STAFF REPORT ISB: The PARC has marketed 30 tons canola hybrid seed to small farmers on nominal rates to eliminate private sector companies monopoly.

The PARC introduced canola during 1980. Scientists bring change in the life of small farmers through introducing high yielding crop varieties and production technologies.

"Scientists also focus on that crops which have great potential to enhance edible production in the country and to minimise the foreign exchange bill on import of

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NCDEX launches cotton seed future contract

STAFF REPORT ISB: Country’s second biggest commodity bourse, NCDEX, has announced the launch of cotton seed future contract which is now available for trading. "This contract is ideal for price risk management needs of the ginners, oil millers and stockists. We expect NCDEX cotton seed futures contract to add tremendous value to the existing cotton business stakeholders," said the exchange’s Managing Director and CEO Samir Shah.

India produces about 10.6 million tons of

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Quality seed to boost agriculture production

STAFF REPORT RWP: The speakers at a seminar stressed that the seed sector should be focused as an important element of agriculture policy to improve Pakistan’s productivity of crops.

The quality seed could play a major role in bridging the gaps of productivity in crops and under favorable conditions this can increase 20 to 25 percent yields per acre, they said this while speaking at a seminar titled "Strengthening Informal Seed Supply System Through Participatory Technology

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Moringa: An ignored oil seed plant in Pakistan

MORINGA OLEIFERA is esteemed as a versatile plant due to its multiple uses. The leaves, fruits, flowers and immature pods of this tree are edible and they form a part of traditional diets in many countries of the tropics and sub-tropics. The leaves of M. oleifera are a good source of protein, vitamin A, B and C and minerals such as calcium and iron . In addition to its substantial uses and nutritional benefits, M. oleifera also has a great potential as a medicinal plant. The flowers, leaves and

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Cotton seed prices up by Rs 150/40kg

STAFF REPORT LHR: The prices of seed cotton (phutti) have risen by Rs 100 to 150 per 40 kg in various parts of the country and touched highest price of this season Rs 3,000 per 40 kg during last two days. It is expected that prices of cotton lint will also show corresponding upward trend."After the devolution of Food and Agriculture Ministry to provinces there is no official estimate available for the current season of national cotton production," said Pakistan Cotton Ginners

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Ill-intention behind BtCotton seed pack-up

THE DEBATE on introducing Bt Cotton in Pakistan had engaged all the stakeholders in arguments and counter-arguments for the last couple of years. Though the government a couple of months back had decided not to go for commercial use of this seed due to the various negative factors attached with this crop variety, there are certain groups still pleading for adopting this seed or have been involved in plaguing the situation for the farming community. Following the introduction of Bt Cotton seed in

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Maintaining control by seed

By Najma SadequeThere are still over 200,000 varieties of wheat left in the world today, thanks only to the world’s unheralded small farmers and movements. But it’s hard to tell for how long, since these and other plants varieties are being constantly wiped out by industrial agricultureTO THE rest of the world, Abu Ghraib is associated with inhuman torture, incarceration without trial and arrogant US unilateralism. To the farmers of Iraq, Abu Ghraib was better known for the national seed

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GM seed can solve world hunger problems or not?

THIS REFERS to the story published in Technology Times, titled "Genetically modified corn, maize damage Pak farming".This is a good article; people both farmers and consumers need to know pros and cons of agriculture biotechnology rather adopting it without knowledge of its long term effects.Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta etc are pushing hard to sell its GMO or biotech seeds in developing countries like Pakistan due to poor biosafety regulatory system and it is easy to find ways in

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