13 brands selling unsafe drinking water in Pakistan, reveals PSQCA

ISLAMABAD: Comparison of analytical findings with permissible limits of Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) has revealed that 13 brands including Aquwa Plus, New Nation, Osam, Well care, Royal Oasis, Blue Plus, Livon, Al-Habib, Aqua National, Nation, Naimat, Siiz Cool, Royal Blue) were found to be unsafe due to chemical contamination.

Out of those unsafe brands seven brands including New Nation, Osam, Well care, Aqua National, Nation, Naimat, Siiz Cool) have

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PTA straps vendors selling barred DECT Cordless Phones

STAFF REPORT ISB: In connection to recent announcement by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on barring DECT Cordless phones; PTA has started to strap the vendors dealing in those products by conducting raids in markets.

According to the sources, PTA raided eight different markets in Rawalpindi-Islamabad and confiscated cordless DECT phones in huge quantities while imposing fine on the sellers. The masses were also made aware through SMS from PTA to stop usage of DECT Cordless

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The Digital Payment Solution in Pakistan Selling Machine

Staff Reporter ISD: Pakistan’s technology company Wavetec has developed country’s first Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled vending machines. This would promote digital payment solution in Pakistan. The vending machines have the capacity to hold 350 items – snacks and beverages – and operate on NFC technology. A form of contactless communication, NFC enables users to wave over their smartphones or tap their plastic cards to an NFC-enabled vending machine, which then dispenses the item

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Warid sets record by selling high post-paid SIMs

STAFF REPORT IBD: Warid Telecom has sold more than 19,000 post-paid connections in a single month marking a new record in the field of telecom sector which is witness a tough competition.

According to insiders, this record number of 19,000 postpaid sales came through franchise, Corporate Sales and Business Center network, which is a record score for any cellular company in a single month.

They said that the postpaid customers are treated as the special customers as they pay their

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Intel confers highest selling award on Viper

STAFF REPORT KHI: Viper has retained its top position when Intel Pakistan declared Viper as the highest selling local brand in Pakistan. Not only Desktop, Viper was declared highest selling local branded servers too.This was announced by the Intel at a recently held ceremony.Viper recently added Windows 8 and Android based Tablets and with this launch f Tablets, both windows8 and Android based, are now within the reach of everyone.Earlier, Viper had announced first Intel 4th Generation based All

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Dekho.com.pk-innovation of selling, buying

By Aqsa TariqTHE LAST few years have witnessed a remarkable growth in the internet usage making it the most powerful platform that has transformed the way we communicate or do businesses. Of all sources of mass media, the internet continues to be the most democratic of all, interconnecting individual networks controlled by government, business sector and private parties.Promoting local businesses and helping them reach out to a very large market is dekho.com.pk, an initiative that started in

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Passco selling old wheat stocks

STAFF REPORT LHR: After approval of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) to dispose of old wheat stocks, the Pakistan Agriculture Storage and Services Corporation (Passco) has sold 137,000 tons to the millers, says a Passco spokesperson in a statement issued here last week.On March 13, the ECC had allowed Passco to sell wheat stocks of 450,000 tons to local millers. The permission was granted after Passco argued that if it kept the surplus commodity, it would put an extra burden on the

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