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Minister MoST confession "I cannot even send a message"

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article image Staff Report IBD: "Frankly I am minister for federal minister for defence production and also minister for science and technology. But the two portfolios, two ministries are related to technology, research, development. But I myself don’t know much about technology, science and other information about research related technology. But I am trying my best to promote such activities, those needs Pakistan to a new modern and advance country",Minister for Science and…Read More

Send all of Pakistan to MIT!

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article image Via TechLahoreSOMEDAY, SOMEONE in an appropriately empowered government position inPakistan needs to take a bold step forward and break through the bureaucracy and red tape government is despised for. There are so many incredibly high value, low cost initiatives to take up in areas as diverse as agriculture, education, energy and information technology that the shortage is not one of ideas, but simply that of initiative and vision.The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as one of the world’…Read More

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