First call for proposals for the SESAME light source

ISLAMABAD: SESAME, the pioneering new regional laboratory for the Middle East and

neighbouring countries has publicly announced its first call for proposals for experiments.

A third generation light source with a research capacity ranging from medicine to cultural

heritage, SESAME’s first beams will be circulating this autumn, with the experimental

programme getting under way in 2017. SESAME is already host to a growing user community of

some 300

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Need to promote Sesame cultivation

Edible oil is one of the important commodities of everyday use. Pakistan has been persistently and acutely deficient in its production. About 70 per cent of the domestic requirements are met through imports. Efforts have been made to increase production. In domestic production major share comes from cottonseed contributing 60 per cent of local production and cotton is growing as fiber crop in Pakistan.
Sesame is an oilseed crop containing 50 per cent oil content compared to soybean 20

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