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Like shelving Urdu as a subject

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WHAT THE Indian Hindus had done with Urdu language before the partition of the Sub-Continent is not a surprising tale story, when one cruel and entirely irrational policies of Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) regarding almost burying’ Urdu, the official language of the country. Most recently the HEC has removed Urdu as subject from the compulsory subjects for science students and added some more subjects of English in the list of compulsory subjects. Earlier, the same has also…Read More

Pakistan has edge in shelving mangoes

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan is all set to enhance its mango exports as it now has an edge in treatment and shelving of mangoes, which is considered as king of fruits’.There are four approved methods of mango treatment, out of which three are recognised across the world - hot water treatment (HWT), vapor heat treatment (VHT) and radiation. For the killing bacteria in mango, the hot water hot water treatment is considered very suitable in which mangoes are treated with hot water for one hour.…Read More